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A New Contender! Tauri VS Electron

If your a member of the JavaScript community, Rust community or possibly any other community you may have heard about a brand new disruptor to desktop application game. It's a toolkit called Tauri and it lets you build desktop apps with web technologies and web stacks...

Mon Jun 06 2022 ·  4 mins read

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Read the Mark Scheme! - Making a Game Engine Part One

Well, after eight months of studying, I've finally finished my first year of university and I feel relieved! It has been enjoyable adjusting to this new way of working and learning. It's pretty exhausting balancing Tinder dates and studying...

Mon May 23 2022 ·  6 mins read

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My First Time Publishing Typings to DefinitelyTyped

If you've ever used Typescript you'll have probably come across this situation. You want to use a package from NPM, do npm install <your-package> and installed it then VSCode starts kicking off about not having a type declaration file. Luckily, Microsoft have your back with DefinitelyTyped...

Wed May 04 2022 ·  4 mins read

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Automated Weather Forecasting

Something that has interested me for a while is how code can be used to generate media. Specifically, photos and video that is dynamic and can be generated via an API or some other trigger. It has really interested me and I am constantly thinking that this is the future of content...

Wed May 04 2022 ·  6 mins read

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Declarative VS Imperative Programming - Which one is better?

Recently, I've had a revelation. It has completely changed my perspective on code and software development. I've been coding for over eight years now and this has to be the biggest perspective shift I've experienced...

Wed Mar 30 2022 ·  5 mins read

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Hello World!

Hello World! Yeah I've finally got around to it! May I present my brand new website which is completely coded from the ground up to give you an overview of me and my skills. This new website is so much superior and better than my old one...

Wed Mar 23 2022 ·  3 mins read

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Switching from AWS to Digital Ocean

This article is from my old blog website! Amazon Web Services is an amazing cloud provider where you can literally do anything possible.There are literally hundreds of services that all do a multitude of things, including AI and just general servers...

Tue Feb 02 2021 ·  2 mins read