Jack Humphries

Software Developer


Jack Humphries, The Developer

Jack Humphries is a full-stack developer based in Manchester. He has a passion for building applications, services and any other digital creations. Since he was young, he has always had a natural interest and fascination in computing and electronics. From learning to code when he was only 12 years old, he certainly has experience and is always eager to learn new things. Currently, he is studying Computer Science at Manchester Metropolitan University

Jack Humphries
Jack Humphries



Although not my area of specialty, I can use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create modern and fluid user interfaces on the web. I strive to make the experience quick, convenient, and modern.

Web API's

I have experience with PHP, Node JS, and Flask building web applications and web APIs. I endeavour to make my API applications secure and fast so that the user experience is quick and safe.


The other pillar of any application is the backend deployment. Whether it is Linux or Kubernetes, I have experience deploying software using these techniques. I can also deploy other apps.


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